Valley and Ridge Forestry:

Using the whole tree in East Tennessee


Big Picture Vision

It’s what sets us apart.

Many tree care companies operate like lawn care companies. They come to your home, conduct themselves professionally, prune or remove your tree and then leave. The wood from your tree is treated much like the grass clippings of a lawn company, disposed of…

We couldn’t stand to see beautiful trees that were once habitat for wildlife or shade for neighborhoods cast aside quite so callously. So we strive to find a use for the wood. If we have to cut it down, at least it can be put to good use, whether that be as growing substrate for gourmet mushrooms, custom woodworking lumber, garden mulch, or firewood.

At Valley and Ridge Forestry, we believe that how a job is done is important. We make it our mission to ensure that both you and your trees get the best treatment possible.