Tree Care



Tree pruning is the kind of work that requires an aesthetic conscience. Since no tree is alike and the criteria for success are often subjective, you want someone who will take their time and give your tree the attention to detail it deserves.

Our experienced climbers can meet any and all of your pruning needs such as:

  1. cleaning deadwood and hazard branches

  2. raising clearance of houses, driveways, and pedestrian spaces

  3. crown thinning for increased light and air penetration

  4. crown reduction for trees that are outgrowing their space

  5. retrenchment pruning for old trees to limit the chances of breakage and allow them to “age gracefully”

Lightning Protection

Large, old trees can become the largest "structure" around, and when they do, they become vulnerable to lightning strike. Once struck by lightning, trees become hazardous due to dead canopy and weakened trunk wood.

We install copper cabling running from the tip-top of the canopy all the way down to 8 feet underground so that any lightning strike will have a safe path to ground and protect your tree from catastrophic damage.

For more information, check out this video.




When a tree has worn out its welcome, perhaps due to old age, overgrowing its designated space, or storm damage, sometimes the best thing to do for it and those around it is to remove it.

Our climbers will remove your tree using the appropriate techniques and technologies to ensure that your yard, home, and life will receive minimal impact. We strive to point to a job well done by saying “Look. A tree once stood there,” and get the response, “Where?”

Good communication with the homeowner is of paramount importance to our removal crew, so be prepared for us to come to you ready to build a plan from start to finish. Before we begin you will know how we plan to enter and exit your property, how we will transport the wood, and how we plan to mitigate any hazards or obstacles. Protecting your property will be a top priority.


Support Cabling and Bracing

Many common residential tree species such as silver maple, bradford pear, and hackberry (to name a few) have a beautiful spreading form that comes with the unfortunate downside of an increased likelihood of breakage. Couple that with the unpredictable impacts of storm damage, and you have a perfect recipe for a hazard tree.

Good news though, a well trained set of eyes (such as those employed at Valley and Ridge Forestry) can assess the likelihood of failure and make professional recommendations for structural reinforcement.

Cabling installed in the canopy and bracing installed at structural weak points can stave off structural failure for years to come. Couple these structural installations with regularly administered, weight reduction pruning and you can rest assured that your big, beautiful trees remain a blessing upon your yard rather than a curse!